Hearing Day – tips and information about the ear

28.02.2021 - 03.03.2021

Wednesday, 3 March, 3.00-5.30 p.m.

Digital event around good hearing

Participation free of charge, registration not required

What are the therapeutic approaches for tinnitus? How can parents tell if their child has a hearing impairment? What techniques and tactics can people with hearing loss use to communicate better? On the occasion of the “World Day of Hearing” on 3 March, the Hearing Region Hannover, together with partners from the network, invites you to a digital information event on the topics of hearing health, inclusion and participation. Short presentations will introduce new developments and give practical tips for everyday life. The German Hearing Centre of the Hanover Medical School, the Hanover State Opera, the German Hearing Impaired Association, the State Education Centre for the Hearing Impaired in Hildesheim, the Hartwig-Claußen School, Gesundheitswirtschaft Hannover e.V. and the representative of the Hanover Region for people with disabilities will be taking part.

Access link to the video conference (BigBlueButton): https://kurzelinks.de/tag-des-hoerens

Further information on the programme at: www.hörregion-hannover.de.