University of Oldenburg leads new Research Training Group

The DFG Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation) is funding the HEARAZ Research Training Group (Hearable-centred Assistance: From Sensor to Participation), which was jointly applied for by the Universities of Oldenburg and Bremen, with a sum of around 6.5 million euros. The programme focuses on different approaches to further developing hearing aids into so-called hearables, which accompany users through everyday life as health assistants.

“The HEARAZ Research Training Group benefits from the many years of excellent hearing research at the University of Oldenburg, including the Cluster of Excellence Hearing4all, and expands this research complex with a completely new perspective. Young researchers have the opportunity to work in a very exciting field, the results of which can be used directly to support people in their everyday lives,’ says Prof Dr Ralph Bruder, President of the University of Oldenburg.”

University of Oldenburg press release (in German): here. Information about DFG Research Training Groups (in English): here.

Photo: freepik