Inverse Listening Throne – new hands-on exhibit in the outdoor space

A new hands-on exhibit has been installed in front of the ‘NeSSy’ research building on the Wechloy campus of the University of Oldenburg: the ‘Inverse Listening Throne’. Its two large funnels amplify the sound – just like gramophone funnels or trumpet instruments, only in reverse. The sound is ‘captured’ via the funnels and travels through tubes to the listening ear at twice the volume.

The ‘Inverse Listening Throne’ offers even more opportunities to experiment with sound perception: You can vary the distance between the funnels and swap the sound tubes. How this works and which acoustic effects play a role is explained here (in German).

The exhibit can be used by anyone interested and is permanently open to the public (Küpkersweg 74).

Photos: Universität Oldenburg/Izabela Mittwollen; Universität Oldenburg