Hearing research talk online

‘Von Hearables und Hörgeräten bis zur Gesundheitszentrale am Ohr’ (From hearables and hearing aids to the health hub on the ear) […]

Excellent research

Lower Saxony’s Science Minister, Falko Mohrs, visited the University of Oldenburg […]

HEARFIT- test persons wanted for study

05.05.2021 - 31.12.2025

This study is about the extent to which early fitting of a hearing aid could have positive effects on well-being, memory and also the brain.

Postdoctoral programmes at UMO 2024

Universitätsmedizin Oldenburg supports physicians interested in science with the Junior Clinician Scientist and Clinician Scientist funding programmes […]

Minister Falko Mohrs visits Oldenburg

Oldenburg’s field of Hearing Research welcomed a special guest on December 5, 2023: Falko Mohrs, Lower Saxony’s Minister of Science and Culture, visited Hörzentrum Oldenburg and the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology. […]

The Cluster of Excellence Hearing4All mourns the death of Prof. Dr. Peter Behrens


Peter Behrens was a highly recognised and esteemed scientist, an outstanding personality, an excellent university teacher and a reliable colleague. He became known beyond his own field through his research work on materials and solid-state chemistry. He left his own scientific mark on the broad field of microporous inorganic materials, above all by opening the […]

SoundLab – see with your ears


A mobile learning unit about the sense of hearing The sense of hearing is the most differentiated of our senses. The SoundLab, a mobile learning unit about the sense of hearing, was developed so that this special sense can be taught impressively in schools and extracurricular learning centres. It enables pupils to have active listening […]

Ten Years Cluster of Excellence Hearing4all

International symposium provides insight into research results For decades, research has been conducted at the highest level in Oldenburg and Hanover to sustainably improve the lives of people with hearing impairments. Exactly ten years now, this has been done jointly in the Cluster of Excellence Hearing4all. The interdisciplinary research network, funded by the German Research […]