EUHA 2021

15.09.2021 - 17.09.2021

HörTech and Hörzentrum Oldenburg gGmbH and the Cluster of Excellence Hearing4all will present current research results and user-oriented applications for hearing acoustics and the hearing system industry at the 65th International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians from 15 to 17 September in Hanover.
The three partners are closely interlinked in the development chain. Starting with basic university research and demonstrators, audiological software products are developed by HörTech gGmbH as a transfer organisation. Hörzentrum Oldenburg gGmbH provides audiological evidence and customer orientation in this innovation process.

Product highlights:
ACALES: More than speech understanding
The ACALES measurement method makes it possible to measure the mental ‘listening load’ or listening effort that a person has to expend to understand speech in noise. This is an additional dimension to speech intelligibility. With the help of ACALES, the client assesses both everyday and challenging listening situations. Furthermore, the subjective added value of comfort features, such as noise algorithms or directional microphones, can be measured. The tool is ideally suited to support the selection process in the counselling interview.

Matrix tests available for more than 60% of the world’s population
Hearing care professionals can now offer their clients modern speech audiometry in 20 different languages – in quiet and in noise. Matrix tests reproduce everyday situations in which whole sentences have to be understood in noise. In addition, they are a very accurate measuring instrument. Therefore, they are an excellent way to test the performance of hearing aids in realistic situations and to show differences between different devices.

News from the Research Workshop.

Experiential fitting – the toolbox for virtual acoustics – brings reality into the labor
The development of hearing aid algorithms is guided by the question of optimal hearing support for those affected in complex acoustic situations. Experience-oriented hearing aid fitting offers the possibility to simulate moving sources in realistic rooms and can take into account user interactions at the same time. In this way, for example, an everyday experience fitting can be carried out directly in the specialist shop or the individual hearing aid benefit can be determined.

Exciting lectures in our specialist scientific lecture programme at the stand complement the trade fair presence of HörTech, the Hearing Centre and the Cluster of Excellence Hearing4all

Official lectures in the EUHA lecture programme.

  1. September 2021 15:00 – 15:30
    Melanie Krüger M. Sc: Improvement of spatial speech understanding of everyday sentences in noise through hearing aid fitting.

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