Hearing4all International Symposium 2022

On November 3 and 4, the annual international Hearing4all Symposium will take place in Hannover.

The Cluster of Excellence Hearing4all,an interdisciplinary research network funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and led by Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg, has been working at full speed on clinical and practical problems related to hearing for 10 years now. The goal is to minimize the negative impact of hearing loss on individuals by enabling effective, accessible and affordable hearing solutions for all.

By combining functional, science-based auditory diagnostic methods with models of auditory processing in the normal and damaged hearing system, Heraring4all seeks the most effective hearing solutions and medical treatments based on highly innovative algorithms, biomaterials, and architectures for future generations of customized hearing systems. “The broad spectrum of combined expertise in basic science, engineering, and machine learning focused on clinical medicine enables a personalized approach to identifying the causes of hearing impairment and improving it. 

At this year’s symposium, researchers will report on recent findings from the four lines of research in Hearing4all:

I. Auditory processing deficits throughout the lifespan II. IT-based diagnostics and rehabilitation III. Auditory precision medicine IV. Hearing devices of the future

Poster sessions complement the scientific program.

Internationale Gast-Speaker bereichern das Programm und geben Einblicke in Forschungsarbeiten über den Exzellenzcluster hinaus.

Alessia Paglialonga
National Research Council of Italy (CNR)
Self-administered hearing tests for screening at a distance

Arianna Astolfi, Ph.D.
Politecnico di Torino DENERG
Classroom acoustics: Comfortable speaking and listening in complex acoustic scenarios

Monita Chatterjee, Ph.D. (online)
Boys Town National Research Hospital
Spoken melodies: prosodic cues in emotional communication with cochlear implants

Henry Kennedy, Ph.D.
Stem-Cell & Brain Research Institute Lyon
The primate inter-areal connectome

Susan Scollie, Ph.D.
Western Health Sciences School of Communication Sciences and Disorders
Hearing-aid fitting: Perceived sound quality dimensions influencing frequency-gain shaping preferences

Larry Lustig, M.D. (online)
Columbia University
Gene therapy in Usher patients

Mounya Elhilali, Ph.D. (online)
Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering
Auditory Scene Analysis: Predictive processing in auditory perception

Thursday, 3rd November 2022 09:00 – 18:00, Friday, 4th November 2022 08:30 – 14:30

Forum Niedersachsen

Feodor-Lynen-Str. 27

30625 Hannover