Hearing and Linguistics” conference announcement

18.05.2021 - 18.05.2021

Organized by Marcel Schlechtweg, Esther Ruigendijk, Bénédicte Grandon & Stephanie Kaucke

The meeting ”Hearing and Linguistics” (13./14. May 2022) aims at strengthening and expanding linguistic research in the field of hearing by bringing together researchers who work in this area.

Call for paper

Topics from different research traditions and from any linguistic area, including but not limited to phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics, are welcome. We particularly encourage contributions focusing on hearing and its connection to the processing and / or acquisition of language.

Here, we invite investigations on, for instance, the impact of hearing loss or impairment on the perception and production of language, the acquisition mechanisms in the presence of hearing deficiency, the development of morpho-syntactic patterns in language users with and / or without hearing impairment, and the detection of fine acoustic detail in individuals with and / or without hearing impairment.

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